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In which continuity?

The Looms pretty much only exist in the Virgin New/Missing Adventures, novels published between the end of the classic series and the TV movie. Some of the NAs dropped hints, and the 7th Doctor series ended with Lungbarrow, which dropped a big chunk of the Cartmel Master Plan into place, including definitely stating that all Time Lords are loomed, including the Doctor.

In some of the other Virgin novels, while Cartmel and friends were dropping their hints about the Loom story, other writers were dropping hints about the Doctor having a brother. The continuing Virgin New Adventures starting Bernice Summerfield (after they lost the rights to use the Doctor) made this explicit. This is inconsistent with the Looms and family arrangements of Lungbarrow.

And in every other medium, and every other line of books, the Looms clearly don't exist, and the Doctor, like all other Time Lords, was born. So, on one side, you have:

  • The TV movie
  • The new series
  • The BBC Eighth/Past Doctor Adventures novels
  • The BBC New Series Adventures novels
  • Big Finish audios, starting in the middle of the EDAs and continuing today
  • Some classic comics
  • The new-series comics from IDW

Plus vague hints from:

  • The classic series
  • Some Virgin NA/MA novels
  • The Virgin Benny NAs

On the other side, you have:

  • Some Virgin NA/MA novels

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