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Yes. Well, maybe. Well…

This hasn't been explained on TV. Davros destroyed Skaro with the Hand of Omega, and then Skaro was destroyed in the Last Great Time War (and then, according to the Adventure Games, a devastated but not destroyed Skaro was recolonised by the Progenitor Daleks).

If you go beyond TV, there are two explanations.

According to the novel War of the Daleks, the Dalek Prime tricked the Doctor and Davros into destroying a decoy Skaro instead of the real thing. The story is quite convoluted and hard to believe, and many fans interpret the whole thing as either propaganda or disinformation by Dalek Prime (although that was very definitely not the intention of writer John Peel—or of Dalek creator Terry Nation, who had asked Peel to write a story that would undo the destruction of Skaro).

If you take the story that way, there are a number of unintentional hints that the Daleks simply terraform a new planet whenever the old one is destroyed (or just becomes unsuitable) and call it Skaro—which is just the Kaled word for 'home'. There are some hints in other non-TV stories that seem to back this up somewhat—and after all, the Daleks aren't most sentimental race in the universe, and this would explain why Skaro looks so different in different stories.