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We were never told but neither of them had the cybus logo imprinted on their chests so its safe to assume they were mondasian.

Until the answer is confirmed, I personally prefer to think that they're the Cybus varient. The reason: if the logo is all the production team are going to change, then there is no point in reintoducting the Mondasian Cybermen. It's not what I'd call a re-design - it's like adding the Daleks' panels between "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" and "The Chase"; yes there is something different but ultimately it makes no difference. If those Cybermen were Mondasian, I'd feel quite disappointed.

That's my opinion anyway. Here's some in-universe evidence. Blood of the Cybermen has the Cybermen led by a Cyber Lord, similar to the one in "The Next Doctor". It was referred to as "Lord" by Meadows, but if it was Mondasian, surley she would say "Leader". Such Cyber Lords weren't a rank with the Mondasians, so I'd say that points towards Cybus. The Cyber Lord also uses the Cyber term "Delete", which is a Cybus term. The Mondasians didn't use computerised thinking to that degree, they'd still use "Kill" and the like.

Further, in "The Pandorica Opens", the Cybus Cybermen are seen to have become a space-faring race in the Doctor's universe as they have Cyber ships. Therefore, there's no reason that the Cybermen in "A Good Man Goes to War" couldn't be Cybus as well. Both do have similarly designed ships (which appear somewhat similar to Sontaran War Wheels). But if the Cybusmen have stayed in the Doctor's universe, a place where Cybus Industires doesn't exist, it's also possible that they removed their Cybus logo since Cybus wouldn't mean anything to anyone in the Doctor's universe.

However, this answer is made up of some speculation and is also quite opinion based (although without confirmation, that's all any of these answers can be at this point, I suppose). We know from the Series 6 part two trailer that the Cybermen will be in another episode. I couldn't see their logo clearly enough but I don't think I saw a Cybus 'C', so whatever varient they are, they could be the same ones from "A Good Man Goes to War". Hopefully that episode will shine some light on this question