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It is unclear what difference if any there is between Time Lords and Gallifreyans. Typically the terms are used interchangeably, and that clouds defining traits when the Doctor is non-specific. The Doctor once implied that it was a trait of his people to see the different between time that can be altered and time that must remain a fixed point[1]. The audience inference is that such traits are what make him a Time Lord but without specificity we can't be sure that all Gallifreyans have this trait.

Definitely we can put regeneration as a trait of a Time Lord not shared by Gallifreyans. As a compare and contrast the only comparison we can make is between the Doctor as his Gallifreyan (but not Time Lord) granddaughter Susan[2].

Without specific knowledge from the Doctor it's difficult to even ascertain how much of the title Time Lord is a physiological assessment and how much of it is merely a title of notoriety. That is to say is being a Time Lord something that you are born into or is it a rank you have to achieve. We can confirm there is a portion of it that is likely genetic as the Doctor has indicated that exposure to the Time Vortex is what converted his people from Gallifreyans to Time Lords[3]. We have seen glimpses of Time Lord training[4] but the fact that there is a degree of training doesn't confirm that you need the training to be a Time Lord. Only that Time Lords were trained according to set up on rules. It's possible that abilities like being able to recognize a Time Lord no matter what their body looks like comes with training[5].

Other sources have filled in various gaps in the differences between Time Lord and Gallifreyans notably the audio dramas[6][7][8]

There's nothing in the TV show to indicate that Susan wasn't a Time Lord. The question has simply never been addressed.

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  8. the Virgin New Adventures novels hint that in the far future, after the Gallifreyans have faded away, humans will take over as the Time Lords