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What do you think is the end of the sentence "And I suppose... If it's my last chance to say it... Rose Tyler..." that the Doctor said to Rose on "Doomsday" at Bad Wolf Bay? Rose asks for the end of that sentence to both the "real" Doctor and the human metacrisis Doctor on "Journey's End", and the Doctor says: "Does it need saying?", while the clone Doctor whispers something like "I love you" to her before they kiss. But I think the original end of that sentence was really "Does it need saying?". I mean, it's not like the Doctor is still unable to tell Rose he loves her even at the end of "Journey's End" (he probably is, but that's not relevant). I think the end of the sentence he originally intended when saying goodbye to Rose on "Doomsday" was litteraly "Does it need saying?": when he says it to Rose on "Jouney's End" the intonation sounds to me more like a quote than a spontaneous question, and it seems the same intonation of the "Rose Tyler" answer he said immediately before. If "Does it need saying?" was the real end of the sentence, it would work as a whole. It'd be: "If it's my last chance to say it... Rose Tyler... Does it need saying?" which would work for me, as his attempt not to tell her explicitly "I love you too" but just imply it. What do you think???

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