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  • 1st: "What are you doing here?" ("An Unearthly Child")[1]
  • 2nd: "Arrrgh! Slower, slower! Concentrate on one thing… one thing!" ("The Power of the Daleks")
  • 3rd: "Shoes, must find my shoes…" ("Spearhead from Space")
  • 4th: "Typical Sontaran attitude…stop Linx... Perverting the course of human history... I tell you, Brigadier - there's nothing to worry about. The Brontosaurus is large and placid. And STUPID! If the square on the hypotenuse equals the sum of the square on the other two sides, why is a mouse when it spins? Huh! Never did know the answer to that one." ("Robot")
  • 5th: "Ah, you've come to help me find the Zero Room. Welcome aboard. I'm the Doctor, or will be if this regeneration works out." ("Castrovalva")[2]
  • 6th: "You were expecting someone else?" ("The Caves of Androzani")
  • 7th: "Oh no, Mel!" ("Time and the Rani")
  • 8th: "Who am I? Who am I? WHO AM I?" ("Doctor Who", the TV movie)
  • War: "Doctor no more." ("The Night of the Doctor")
  • 9th: "Run!" ("Rose")[3]
  • 10th: "Hello. OK, mmm. New teeth. That's weird. So where was I? Oh that's right...Barcelona." ("The Parting of the Ways")
  • 10th (2): "Now then. Where were we?" ("Journey's End")
  • 11th: "Aaargh! Legs! I've still got legs. Good. Arms, hands, ooh fingers, lots of fingers. Ears, yes eyes, two, nose...I've had worse. Chin...blimey! Hair! I'm a girl! No! No, I'm not a girl… and still not ginger! There's something else, something important, I'm...I'm…I'm… crashing! Haha! Woohoo! Hahaha! Aaah! Geronim-o!" ("The End of Time", Part Two)
  • 12th: "Kidneys! I've got new kidneys! I don't like the colour." ("The Time of the Doctor")

A few of the 'other' Doctors have also had their first words heard on-screen;

  • Dr. Who: "Most exciting...hmm..." ("Dr. Who and the Daleks" (cinema film))[4]
  • Robot First Doctor: "I am to infiltrate and kill. Infiltrate and kill." ("The Chase")
  • The Fourth Doctor's clone: "Just you trust me, Professor. Just trust me." ("The Invisible Enemy")
  • Valeyard: "At last, Doctor" ("The Trial of a Time Lord") [5]
  • The Dream Lord: "Well, that took a while. Honestly! I'd heard such good things." ("Amy's Choice").
  • Half-human 10th: "Oh yes!" ("Journey's End")
  • The copy of the Twelfth Doctor from his confession dial: "If you think because she’s dead, I am weak, then you understand very little. If you were any part of killing her and you're not afraid, then you understand nothing at all. So, for your own sake, understand this. I'm the Doctor. I'm coming to find you, and I will never, ever stop." ("Heaven Sent")
  • The Conceited Doctor: "Oh, sorry about that. I just though I'd slip into something more comfortable. Result? Cute, sexy and lick-the-mirror handsome. " ("The Curse of Fatal Death")
  • Jim Broadbent's Doctor: "Oh, bugger. Ah. You're my fiancée aren’t you? Oh, dear." ("The Curse of Fatal Death")
  • Twelfth Doctor from "The Curse of Fatal Death": "Oh dear, now look at that. I've gone and used up three bodies in just under a minute, and all because I forgot to unplug first. That really was terribly silly of me. Sorry about that, my dear. Bit unfortunate." ("The Curse of Fatal Death")
  • The Female Doctor: "Emma, look!" ("The Curse of Fatal Death")
  • The 'New Doctor': "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Who are you?" ("Full Fathom Five" (BF Doctor Who Unbound audio story))[6]

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  1. We don't know his actual first words, and they were probably in Gallifeyan anyway. But we know his first words on TV. His first known words are "I said don't touch that, child!" ("The Exiles" (short story)) If the theory that the unspecified incarnation of the Doctor in "The Infinity Doctors" (BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel #17) is a young First Doctor is correct, then his first known words are "No, no, no, you didn't disturb me. I was finding it difficult to sleep. I was just reading. The Illiad. Have you ever read it?". In any case, the earliest words heard on TV are 'Yes, what is it, what do you want?' ("The Name of the Doctor").
  2. His first actual words are "I… Oh." But this is his first understandable sentence.
  3. We don't know his first words, but those are his first words on TV. Additionally, "What I Did on My Christmas Holidays by Sally Sparrow" (short story) was set before "Rose", and his first words in that were "Hello, Sally Sparrow! Any questions?". Finally, this page gives him some possible first words: "They're all gone, I'm the only one left."
  4. Again, we don't know his real first words, but these are the first ones heard on-screen
  5. Another Doctor whose real first words are unknown
  6. As this Doctor was killed immediately after saying this, these double as his last words

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