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1. The only reason given was that the octors body was 'wearing a bit thin' 2.the time lords forced him to change for meddling in the affairs of other planets, and put him into exile on earth. 3.was poisoned 4. Fell off the pharos project (radio tower) 5. Was poisoned again, this time from spectrox toxinemea (i think thats how it's spelled) 6. Hit his head on the console (though spiral scratch says otherwise) 7.was shot down, brought to hospital and killed by grace holloway accidentally 8. Something in the time war 9. Absorbing time energy 10. Absorbing massive radiation

hope this helped 1st- energy drain from Mondas 2nd- exiled and forced by the Time Lords 3rd- radiation overdose from the Great One's cave 4th- Fell from the Pharos telescope 5th- Poisoned by spectrox toxaemia 6th- attacked by the Rani 7th- died on the operating table after being shot 8th- The Last Great Time War 9th- Absorbed the Time Vortex from Rose botched 10th- Partially hit by a Dalek's gunstick blast, put the energy into his spare hand which lead to the creation of the Meta Crisis Tenth Doctor and Doctor Donna 10th- Received a huge dose of radiation from the Immortality Gate

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