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1. Grew increasingly ill as Mondas drained his energy as well as Earth's, coupled with his body's advanced age.[1]
2. Forced to regenerate by the Time Lords. If you reject the 'Season 6B' theory, they did this on Gallifrey directly after his trial.[2] If you accept the comics, he was shot on Earth by scarecrows animated by the Time Lords as part of his punishment for breaking the Laws of Time.[3] Otherwise, it's unknown exactly when this happened.
3. Caused by exposure to The Great One's highly unstable web of Metebelis crystals[4] According to the novels, the Doctor's timeline later changed so that he was shot by Magdalena on the planet Dust after defeating the Remote,[5], but this timeline was later undone.[6] According to another novel, the Doctor spent a decade alone in his TARDIS, suffering from the radiation poisoning, between leaving Metabelis 3 and finally returning to Earth to regenerate.[7]
4. Caused when the Master rotated the Pharos Project radio telescope so as to force the Fourth Doctor to fall to the ground.[8]
5. Caused by contact with unrefined spectrox, causing a prolonged death, which he worried he would not be able to regenerate from.[9]
6. By injury from the Rani's attack on the Doctor's TARDIS.[10] According to the novels, the Doctor hit his head;[11] however, he was also suffering from a chronal energy drain after his confrontation with the Lamprey.[12] Also, the Sixth Doctor chose to die to prevent the creation of the Valeyard,[13], possibly influenced by the Seventh Doctor getting him out of the way so he could be born as Time's Champion.[14]
7. Caused by hospital surgery on earth which attempted to explore his unearthly physiology, but only succeeding in damaging his cardiovascular system far beyond repair.[15] (It is stated on screen that the bullet wounds suffered by the Doctor, leading to his hospitalization, caused no major damage and therefore played no part in his "death".)
8. Died in a spaceship crash on Karn. The Sisterhood temporarily revived him, and gave him a potion to control his regeneration.[16]
War. His body was "wearing a bit thin" due to his advanced age.[17]
9. Caused by cellular degeneration from absorbing the energies of the time vortex from Rose Tyler to save her life and restore the TARDIS.[18]
10. Hit by Dalek fire,[19]. However, he did not change his face. [20]
10 (2). Caused by severe radiation poisoning when the Doctor sacrificed himself to spare Wilfred Mott, absorbing all the radiation from the nuclear bolt used to power the Immortality Gate. The Tenth Doctor was able to visit many of his former companions before finally succumbing to regeneration.[21]
11. He died of old age, after centuries of defending Trenzalore. He was given a new regeneration cycle by the Time Lords.[22]
12. Electrocuted by Cyberman. Spent a very long time fighting off his regeneration beofore succumbing to it. [23]

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