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Very little is known but some entities & events are mentioned (without details) by the Doctor and/or the Master, while other events are known only from their consequences:

  • The War Doctor fighting Sea Devils and Axons. ("Last of the Time Lords")
  • The Cult Of Skaro escape in a Void Ship, taking with them a prison ship full of Daleks. The prison ship, which the Cult called "the Genesis Ark", being of Time Lord construction, was bigger on the inside -- very much bigger. ("Doomsday")
  • The War Doctor sealing the Medusa Cascade singlehandedly. ("Last of the Time Lords")
  • The Gelth losing their physical forms and becoming gaseous. ("The Unquiet Dead")
  • The Nestene losing their home planet and all their "food" planets. ("Rose")
  • The home planet of the Zygons being destroyed. ("The Day of the Doctor")
  • The Fall of Arcadia. ("Doomsday", "The Last Day", "The Day of the Doctor")
  • The Eighth Doctor regenerating into the War Doctor. ("The Night of the Doctor")
  • The Skaro Degradations. ("The End of Time", "Engines of War" (novel))
  • The Dalek Emperor taking control of The Cruciform. ("The Sound of Drums")
  • The Master running away, using a Chameleon Arch and donning the persona of Professor Yana, and escaping to the year 500 Trillion AD. ("The Sound of Drums")
  • Davros (apparently) dying at the Gates of Elysium when his command ship flew into the jaws of The Nightmare Child. ("The Stolen Earth")
  • Dalek Cann doing an Emergency Temporal Shift to the Time War and saving Davros. ("Journey's End")
  • The Horde of Travesties. ("The End of Time", "A Prologue" (short story))
  • The Could-Have-Been King with his armies of Meanwhiles and Neverweres. ("The End of Time")
  • The Doctor using the Moment to end the war and kill Daleks and Time Lords alike. ("The Forgotten" (comic story))
  • The War Doctor not using the Moment but taking Galifrey and the Time Lords out of time, trapping them in a split second of time in a pocket parallel universe. ("The Day of the Doctor")
  • Rassilon initiating the Ultimate Sanction. ("The End of Time")

Note that some of these are uncertain. For example, those mentioned by the Master in "Last of the Time Lords" may not all have been intended to be references to the Time War (his phrasing is unclear). There are also contradictory accounts of the events involving the Moment, which are quite different in the comic & TV stories.