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On-screen we have never been given an answer. All we know is that she left the TARDIS to marry David Campbell[1] and lived at least until middle age [2].

In other media, there is more information. Unfortunately, while each version fits with what we know from TV, they all contradict each other. See the "Susan Foreman" article for details. The short version is this:

The BBC novels say that she stole the Master's TARDIS and travelled on her own, then got erased from history (with the rest of the Time Lords, except for four) and later restored, most likely leaving her on Gallifrey to fight in the Last Great Time War -- although the Doctor wouldn't know about any of that.
The Big Finish audios left her alone on future Earth, where she presumably died at some point, but the Doctor presumably never found out the details.
The IDW comics tell us that the Doctor hasn't seen Susan since 22nd century Earth and never found out her fate but he believes she's dead.
A BBC Radio mockumentary has Susan returning to the 1960s and still being alive in 1994, unbeknownst to the Doctor.

The Ninth Doctor implied that she was dead[3] but that was at a point in his timestream when he had no memory of saving Gallifrey[4] & still believed that he had destroyed the planet along with everyone on it. We don't know whether or not Susan was on Gallifrey at that time[5].

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  3. In "The Empty Child", Doctor Constantine told the Doctor, "Before this war began, I was a father and a grandfather. Now I am neither. But I'm still a doctor." The Ninth Doctor replied, "Yeah. I know the feeling."
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  5. According to Russell T Davies, the woman who appeared during "The End of Time" was written to be the Doctor's mother. That identification was removed from the story before completion, in order to leave the character's identity open, allowing her to be anyone the Doctor knew who could have been on the High Council & who was on the Doctor's side. One of the several possibilities that has been mentioned is Susan.

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