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Captain Jack Harkness left the Doctor to join the Torchwood Institute. They had a spin-off series. He crossed back over in the "Turn Left"/Stolen Earth/"Journey's End" saga and before that at "Utopia"/Sound of Drums/"Last of the Time Lords" saga. After wards he returned to Torchwood where the whole "Children of Earth" event took place. After that. Nothing. Out of Universe: the actor who plays Jack Harkness was filming the next Torchwood series "Day without Death"? or something like that so that's likely why he never showed up in "A Good Man Goes to War". We'll see Harkness again in the upcoming Torchwood series, and just because scheduling conflicted for that episode doesn't meant we won't see him again in Doctor Who later on. Alex Cross 16:45, June 11, 2011 (UTC)