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'Pete's World' is the name that the Doctor and Rose call the Earth a parallel universe. The Tenth Doctor, Mickey and Rose travelled there in "Rise of the Cybermen"/"The Age of Steel". The Earth is similar to modern-day Earth, but with differences. These include zeppelins flying over London, a powerful businessman called John Lumic running many industries, and Roses' father Pete Tyler(who died when Rose was just a baby in 'our' universe) still being alive and being a successful businessman in his won right.

Mickey chose to stay in Pete's World at the end of "The Age of Steel", though he did return later. Rose and Jackie Tyler both went to Pete's World at the end of "Doomsday" where they remained.

In the Revived Series, all Cybermen originate from the parallel universe Earth, and not from Mondas. They "crossed over" into 'our' universe in "Army of Ghosts".
John Lumic

John Lumic


Cybermen from "Pete's World"