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Time Lords are a subset of a alien creature known as a Gallifreyan. Gallifreyans are humanoid creatures from the planet Gallifrey. Time Lords are a subset of Gallifreyans who travel thru space and time. It is unknown what separates Time Lords from non-Time Lord Gallifreyans. We have seen indications of trials and testing [1], but all of which seems to be after the selection process (if indeed it is a process and not a natural occurrence). We do know that Time Lords are younger than the species of Gallifreyans [2]. We also know that Time Lords were created by years of exposure to the Time Vortex[3].

Abilities Edit

Time Lords are capable of seeing the space-time continuum in terms of fixed points which can't be changed and more flexible ones which can be altered[4]. In "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" (1974), near the end, the Doctor was shown to be able to overcome certain forms of time distortion, because he's a Time Lord. Sarah Jane and other humans were put into some kind of temporal stasis, so they couldn't move, but the Doctor still could (with considerable effort). In "The Big Bang" (2010), he was able to break into the time loop within the exploding TARDIS and to get River out of it. Time Lords are also able to regenerate. It was originally said that a Time Lord has 13 lives (12 regenerations). This has been the case traditionally and as Doctor Who approaches its 50th anniversary and is currently on the Eleventh Doctor time will tell if this heuristic rule will hold.

Life Cycle Edit

While the novels and other non-canon fiction have created their own mythos on how Time Lords are created (notably including the concept of Looms) Televised canon does not include the use of a Loom in the creation of Time Lords. Thus one can conclude that Time Lords are created from Gallifreyans.

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References Edit

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