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Sticking strictly to televised episodes there are:

  • Tegana, a human who tried to kill Kublai Khan in Marco Polo
  • Tetraps, a sort of "henchman" baddie race Time and the Rani
  • Terileptils from "The Visitation"
  • Thawn, a human who controlled the methane refinery in "The Power of Kroll"
  • Thay, a named Dalek who was a member of the Cult of Skaro in "Doomsday" and "Daleks in Manhattan"
  • Time Lords from "The End of Time", but also the Time Lords are generally portrayed as enemies of the Doctor to one degree or another
  • Trickster's Brigade Beatle from "Turn Left"
  • Tlotoxl, the main baddie in "The Aztecs"
  • Toclafane from "Last of the Time Lorde"
  • Torajii, the living sun in "42"
  • The Tractators, insectoids from "Frontios"
  • Trask, a gun-runner and slave-trader from "The Highlanders"
  • The Trickster (principally from Sarah Jane but also implied in "Turn Left")
  • Tryst, the human scientist to was keeping miniaturized samples of life forms in his machine in Nightmare on Eden
Special mention should also probably be given to the Trods, a sort of replacement for the Daleks when the TV Comic title didn't have the right to them. They never appeared on TV, but they were extremely prominent in the 1960s First and Second Doctor comic strips. Many fans will at least have heard the name "Trod" before, even if they can't quite place them.