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Its never really revealed. Many think its that the crack seen at the end of the episode wasnt there to begin with (we see the wall as the TARDIS first arrives) and so its actually the Doctor who is making these cracks. The other possibility is that it was Amy not knowing of the Daleks. Ofcourse it may be no one has noticed the revelation.

It was said that the revealation would be about 30 minutes into the episode, and that you would have to watch the story more than once to understand what the revealation is, but no one has any idea.

I think I know. Does that make me a genius or what? the Doctor never actually adressed them as Daleks, he mostly referred to them as "his worst enemy" or "pure evil" and it was only when he did adress them as such that the testimony was accepted and they could begin their evolution. Of course, at the beginning of the episode you wouldn't have thought much of and probably didn't realise he didn't name them, but its only when you knew the significance and re-watched the episode that you realised this was the case and WHY this was the case. 18:19, December 4, 2011 (UTC)

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