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Two reasons:

1.) It would create a paradox.

a.) If they had done that, then they wouldn't have found where she had been raised, and they wouldn't have the silence, the one that they injured, who gave them the wording "You should kill us all on sight".

b.) If they did that, then they wouldn't have grown up with Mels in their life, and she wouldn't have explained that Rory loves Amy, and Amy would continue to think he was a great guy, but gay.

2.) We don't know WHEN they got sent back. We know they lived to be 82 and 87, but there were no dates.



1) So what? Nearly every episode has a paradox.

a) They wouldn't have needed to because they would already be caring for her.

b) Why not? They could say - okay Sweetie, now you are regenerating, we are all goign to pop over to the UK so you can be friends with some kids we mustn't meet (too often).

2) Sure we do. Rory died age 82 in 1988. He looks about 30, so he must have got there (roughly) 52 years before "now" which is about 1960, which means they were in EXTACTLY the right place and time to bring up their daughter nicely.  

Response to above:

1) Amy and Rory were part of events in "The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of the Moon". They cannot change events in their personal timeline like this.

a) Amy and Rory cannot interfere in their own personal timeline. They know that Melody MUST be raised in the orphanage until July 1969. If Amy and Rory take Melody before 1969, then Series 6 Amy and Canton have no reason to visit the orphanage in the first place. Canton will now never shoot a Silent, which means the 909 year old Doctor won't get the message needed to defeat the Silents, 1103 year old Doctor now has no reason to recruit his 909 year old self to deal with the Silents, and so on.

b) Amy and Rory cannot do this as it interferes with their personal timeline. Melody MUST escape the Silents in July 1969, she MUST die and regenerate in January 1970. She MUST make her own way (as a toddler) to Leadworth and grow up with Amy and Rory. River only exists because she created herself.

2) They CANNOT raise Melody because they would create a paradox. See the above, it pretty much erases just about all of series 6.

If he was 82 in 1988 & is 31 (age given in "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship") when sent back in time, he must have arrived about 51 years before 1988, which is about 1937. They would have been around when young Melody was in the orphanage. River, though, was still able to contact them (she gave her "novel" to Amy to get it published) & she would warn them not to interfere with her timeline. Even if they were prepared to blow New York out of existence by creating another paradox, they'd not be willing to mess up their daughter's timeline, especially with their daughter telling them (in no uncertain terms -- we know what River can be like) not to do it.

Also, the orphanage wasn't "round the corner". It was in Florida, near the Kennedy Space Center, not in NY.  

I think there is some wrongness there. The old warehouse is in Florida. The Orphanage is in NY NY.

River was VERY KEEN for Amy to follow Rory and very lax in letting Rory hang back (remember the Doctor was petty hopeless whole episode and River ran the show, so any casualties were on her weatch). Why on earth would River not want to be brought up in a loving family. The fact that her brain washing DID NOT WORK is consistent with her having been exposed to something that undid it (at least partly).

Anyway, as said before, why is there a paradox? Amy's Epilogue does not say "Shame we never saw you for the last 50 years" so he can go visit them. Or go pick them up and move them round, so long as he gets them back in time to die in the right place.

Well actually, Rory is 31 in Dinosaurs On A Spaceship and according to Amy it was `0 years since they last saw him from a Town Called Mercy and it was 2 years after Dinosaurs On A Spaceship for A Town Called MErcy so Rory would be 43 when he was zapped by the angle which gave him 39 years in New York so he would arrive in New York in 1973.  

Breaking news: THEY DID!

As the first comment on that page asks: What's the source of this? If it's Moffat/the BBC: wonderful! If it's a fan effort: nice idea but... One detail bothers me. It credits Sarah Jane as a staff reporter. For most of her career, except very early on, she was a freelance. -- 08:44, October 1, 2012 (UTC)

  • It's a fan thing, so it doesn't count. As for the discussion above, we do not know that River wasn't able to visit her parents. All we know is the Doctor cannot because those are the rules. And there are rules in this series - internal logic - that cannot be broken otherwise the entire concept collapses and they might as well just cancel it and erase all the episodes. For a drama to exist you have to have events that cannot be undone by the main characters. The Doctor can't go back and create the paradox any more than he can go back in time and sweep Adric off the spaceship, stop Katarina from going out the airlock, or, for that matter, stop his younger self from wiping out the Time Lords and Daleks at the end of the Time War. Things happen and you deal with it. 21:11, October 31, 2012 (UTC)