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In "The Wedding of River Song", when the Silent tells Rory to die one last time, he has drawn his finger and pursed his lips in its Edvard Much-like executioner pose, the lightning has started to crackle, and it looks like Rory is about to fall to the same fate as Joy in the White House bathroom in "The Impossible Astronaut".

There is little evidence that this alternate-timeline Silent executing an alternate-timeline Rory was somehow prophesying something further in the future than that moment. He didn't foresee Amy coming back. He didn't expect time could be saved from extinction. And it wasn't clear people in the alternate timeline would have any influence over the restarted timeline.

While the Silent's demand was dramatic, it probably shouldn't be taken as more than a last moment banter similar to "Don't you ever stay dead? Let's try again one more time!"