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The Second Doctor met them in "The Wheel of Ice" (novel).

The Third Doctor met them in "Doctor Who and the Silurians" and "The Scales of Injustice" (Virgin Missing Adventures novel #24).

The Fourth Doctor met them in "Twilight of the Silurians" (Doctor Who Magazine comic story).

The Fifth Doctor met them in "Warriors of the Deep".

The Sixth Doctor met them in "Bloodtide" (Big Finish audio story) and "Spiral Scratch" (BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel #72).

The Seventh Doctor met them in "The Silurian Candidate" (Big Finish audio story), "Blood Heat" (Virgin New Adventures novel #19), "No Future" (Virgin New Adventures novel #23), "Happy Endings" (Virgin New Adventures novel #50), "Eternity Weeps" (Virgin New Adventures novel #58), "Cold War" (short story), "Party Animals" (Doctor Who Magazine comic story), and "Final Genesis" (Doctor Who Magazine comic story).

The Eighth Doctor met them in "Dr. Eighth" (novel) and "Happy Deathday" (Doctor Who Magazine comic story).

The Ninth Doctor met them in "The Lost Dimension" (comic story).

The Eleventh Doctor met them in "The Hungry Earth"/"Cold Blood", "The Pandorica Opens", "A Good Man Goes to War", "The God Complex", "The Wedding of River Song", "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship", "The Snowmen", "The Crimson Horror", "The Name of the Doctor", "The Silurian Gift" (Quick Reads novel #7), "Dr. Eleventh" (novel), "Evacuation Earth" (video game), "The Eternity Clock" (video game), "The Mazes of Time" (video game), "Faster than Light" (Doctor Who Adventures comic story), "The Dawn of Time!" (Doctor Who Adventures comic story), "As Time Goes By" (IDW comic story), "Summer Wholiday" (comic story), "Take a Bow (Tie)" (comic story), "No Win, No Fez" (comic story), "Time Spill on Aisle 5" (comic story), "Assimilation²" (IDW comic story), and "Supremacy of the Cybermen" (comic story)

The Twelfth Doctor met them in "Deep Breath", "Face the Raven", "Silhouette" (BBC New Series Adventures novel #53), "The Highgate Horror" (Doctor Who Magazine comic story), "Terrorformer" (comic story), "Gangland" (comic story), "Beneath the Waves" (comic story), and "Surfshock" (comic story).