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Only thirteen stories in the classic series were two-parters: "The Edge of Destruction" (February 1964, First Doctor), "The Rescue" (January 1965, First Doctor), "The Sontaran Experiment" (February/March 1975, Fourth Doctor), "Black Orchid" (March 1982, Fifth Doctor), "The King's Demons" (March 1983, Fifth Doctor), "The Awakening" (January 1984, Fifth Doctor), "Resurrection of the Daleks" (double-length, February 1984, Fifth Doctor_ and all Sixth Doctor stories but "The Twin Dillemma", "The Two Doctors", and "The Trail of a Time Lord" (4, 3, and 14 parts, respectively). You should note, however, that the episode length during most of the classic series was about half the episode length of the revived series (except for 'Resurrection of the Daleks', and the Sixth Doctor two-parters). In terms of running time, a revived series two-parter is roughly equivalent to a classic series four-parter, of which there were many.