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Bearing in mind that opinions differ as to what constitutes a companion:

  • Katarina
  • Sara Kingdom
  • Adric
  • Kamelion[1]
  • Grace Holloway (brought back to life)
  • Jack Harkness (brought back to life)
  • Lynda "with a Y" (invited to become a companion in "The Parting of the Ways" but killed by the Daleks before she does so)
  • Astrid Peth (also invited to become a companion)
  • Jenny (brought back to life)
  • River Song (consciousness preserved in a computer)
  • Adelaide Brooke
  • Rory Williams (brought back to life)
  • Abigail Pettigrew (assumed dead)
  • Strax and Lorna Bucket from "A Good Man Goes to War" could be considered companions
  • Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (death revealed to the Doctor)

There are also companions who are probably dead, but we can't be sure:

  • Susan: the Doctor believes that all of his family are dead, and that there are no surviving Time Lords
  • Harry Sullivan: his death is not 100% confirmed, but he is always referred to fondly in the past tense in The Sarah Jane Adventures; the actor died in 1986 so it's likely Harry is also deceased
  • Leela: left on Gallifrey, so she presumably died in the Last Great Time War
  • Romana: the Doctor believes that there are no surviving Time Lords

This does not include audio or literary companions, or TV companions who are only known to be dead from audio or literary sources.

As of March 2012 the TV series has not acknowledged whether Sarah Jane Smith is still alive or if she is now dead. Peri Brown is shown apparently killed in "Mindwarp", only for the Doctor to learn in "The Ultimate Foe" this was a deception. The future Amy Pond from "The Girl Who Waited" is arguably a companion, Auton Rory was erased from history to be replaced by his human self, etc., but if you take that far enough, Amy and Rory will have to be listed far too many times for a concise list.

  1. Arguably, an android shouldn't count as 'dying'. However, Kamelion pleaded with the Doctor to kill him, and the Doctor clearly thought of it as a death. The various incarnations of K9 that have been destroyed aren't listed because the Doctor didn't seem to treat those as deaths.