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I.M. Foreman was the proprietor of the scrapyard in which the TARDIS was "parked" at the very start of Doctor Who (see "An Unearthly Child"). That scrapyard, at 76 Totters Lane, Shoreditch, has been revisited a couple of times ("Attack of the Cybermen" & "Remembrance of the Daleks").

The Doctor's granddaughter Susan used the surname Foreman & it's generally assumed that she adopted it because it was on the gates of the scrapyard, although this has never been explicitly confirmed on screen.

The gates were shown, attached to a wall near Coal Hill School, in "The Day of the Doctor". Coal Hill School is where, in 1963, Susan was a pupil &, 50 years later, where Clara Oswald was teaching.

In the BBC Novels "Interference Part 1" (novel) and "Interference Part 2" (novel) it is revealed that I.M. Foreman is a Gallifreyan who travels the universe with a sideshow. The scrapyard is actually a TARDIS-like machine that takes on an appropriate form in its surroundings.