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Mme kovarian

Originally credited as "Eye Patch Lady", Madame Kovarian is a member of the silence with unknown background and motivations. She kidnaps Amy Pond while pregnant replacing her with a Flesh copy. Upon the birth of the child (Melody Pond) she tricks the Doctor and escapes with the child by again using a flesh copy taking her to 1969 to raise her into a weapon to prevent the first question being answered. Notable in her appearance is her almost uniform style of dress and an eye patch over one eye.

She worked for the Silence trying to bring about the downfall of the Doctor to prevent the first question from being answered. She was killed by Amy Pond in "The wedding of River Song". Note that this was in an aborted timeline that has since been erased, it can be assumed that she is still alive.

Where is her name? Edit

Her name is not mentioned (in the series) until "A Good Man Goes to War". Lead Writer Steven Moffat confirmed her name earlier[1]

What is the Eye Patch Edit

The patch is a piece of technology called an "EyeDrive" it is used to store memories of the silence. Anyone wearing an EyeDrive will not forget the Silence upon breaking eye contact. Madame Kovarian wears an EyeDrive because she serves the Silence and as the Doctor put it: a human servant would need to remember her Master's orders.

Relationship to Amy Pond Edit

Madame Kovarian kidnapped a pregnant Amy Pond and replaced her with a Flesh clone. Amy was unaware of this. As a clone Amy would sometimes capture glimpses of her true environment. This would often appear as Madame Kovarian was sliding open the viewing door of the clone chamber to check on Amy.

Relationship to River Song Edit

Madame Kovarian kidnapped her as a child. With the Silence she raised River as a psychopath to kill the Doctor. She later kidnapped her again with the leaders of the silence to put her in the spacesuit preparing to kill the Doctor at Lake Silencio.

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References Edit

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