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River Song

River Song is a sometimes companion to the Doctor. River and the Doctor are romantically linked and eventually become married[1][2]. Because both the Doctor and River are time travellers, they often meet in a non-chronological order. Generally speaking as we see the Doctor's relationship with River grow River's knowledge of the Doctor decreases. She is played by Alex Kingston

Her Crime Edit

River Song spends the majority of her time in a prison for the murder of "the best man she ever knew"[3]. That man is revealed to be the Doctor. His death however was not permanent[4] and River frequently escapes the prison, sometimes with and sometimes without the Doctor's help.

Death Edit

River Song died in her introductory story[5], at which point she was over 200 years old[6].

Birth Edit

River Song was born of her parents Amy Pond and Rory Williams. She was given the name Melody Pond at birth but was stolen from her parents and raised/trained to kill the Doctor. Later, she took the name River Song, which is a translation (with surname and given name interchanged) of Melody Pond into the language of the Gamma Forest.

River Song's conception happened on Amy and Rory's wedding night in the TARDIS, while in flight through the Time Vortex. River was exposed to the Vortex at conception and this gave her some of the properties of the Gallifreyans such as the ability to regenerate and a lifespan much longer than the human norm. Her Time-Lord-like characteristics were deliberately enhanced before her birth by a faction of the Silence, who kidnapped Amy while she was pregnant[7].

Although she eventually gave up her ability to regenerate[8], she retained her augmented lifespan[9].

See Also Edit

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