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The TARDIS (in human form) is referred to figuratively as the Doctor's Wife

In a pure televised canon, three women can claim the title of "officially" becoming the Doctor's wife. However, Clara mentioned four in "Death in Heaven" (the fourth presumably being Susan's grandmother), while pretending to be the Doctor, and the count can be further expanded to six or seven if you count non-TV media.

River Song Edit

River Song married the Doctor[1] in a moment of time that refused to move until they touched. Although it was hinted at earlier that they were in such a relationship[2], this was not actually confirmed until they wed.

Susan's Grandmother Edit

The Doctor's first companion was his grand-daughter Susan. We don't know if she was the daughter of his son or his daughter but we can infer based on that and the previous times that the Doctor has mentioned being married (he explicitly mentions his own wedding in "Blink") and having a wife that Susan's Grandmother was his wife as well. However, this has yet to be confirmed; it is not necessary for one to be married to have offspring and descendents.

Queen Elizabeth I Edit

The Doctor was briefly married to Queen Elizabeth I[3], but the marriage apparently ended poorly enough that the former "Virgin Queen" later considered him an enemy [4].

Marilyn Monroe Edit

The Doctor accidentally married the famous earth film actress during a visit to Las Vegas, but he did not believe it to be a legitimate marriage.[5] Despite this, they remained on good terms. [6]


Mickey Smith teased Rose over the fact that the Doctor called her (Cleopatra) 'Cleo'. [7] Later, River Song confirmed the Doctor to have married Cleopatra at some point. [8]

Other marriages Edit

The Doctor references past marriages in a plural sense during his encounter with Sally Sparrow, all of which save Susan's grandmother would predate those listed above.[9]

Non-TV marriages Edit

The Eighth Doctor entered into a marriage of convenience with a brothel owner named Scarlette following the destruction of Gallifrey during the Second War in Heaven (a conflict that predated the Last Great Time War).[10] He also married Patience. [11]


The TARDIS was the featured character in "The Doctor's Wife"[12]. In this case the title wife was used figuratively. In the sense that if a man works long hours at a job and his co-worker is a woman she might be referred to as his "work wife". The episode title was a similar play with word meaning.

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