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Only the Doctors mother has been seen on screen-She is The Woman from the end of time. His father has only been mentioned in the tv movie when the 8th doctor recalls watching a meteor shower with him.

  • The Woman's identity was never revealed, anyone that claims she is the Doctor's mother, etc is basing it on speculation. She could be the Doctor's mother, but there's no reason why she can't also be another female Time Lord like Romana. Regarding the second reply: see the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor's reaction to being half human in "Journey's End". It strongly suggests that the Doctor isn't half human because he felt disgusted at the thought of being half human.
It was never confirmed that that Woman was the Doctor's mother. According to the TV Movie, the Doctor's mother is a Human, which makes it pretty unlikely that the Woman from "The End of Time" is his mum.

Doctor who is a British show so mum thank you and RTD said in the wrighters tale that she was ment to be his mum

  • But he also said he left her identity out in the open on purpose so that either A: Future writers can write for her and B: Fans can debate who she is. She could be his mother, but there's no reason why she can't be Romana or Susan or another female Time Lord.

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