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the silence and the ponds/williamses

Madame Kovarian (The eyepatch lady) was probably having control over the earlier bit of Melody Pond (River Song)'s life and we know that she was raised in the same place as Amy and Rory were friends when they were kids. Melody has also gone to the crowded city because that is where she regenerated (for the 3rd time? no one knows). "Let's Kill Hitler", "Day of the Moon", "The Impossible Astronaut" and A Good Man Goes To War explain a lot about Melody (River)'s life and childhood. No one knows the complete life of Melody (River) except probably Steven Moffat.

  • River has had three lives on screen, we'll call them Little Girl, Mels and River to make it easier to follow. Madam Kovarian kidnapped baby Little Girl and raised her at an orphanage in 1969 in a space suit. Little Girl was frightened that the Astronaut was "going to eat her". She was also monitored by the Silents,the bosses of madame kovarian until she escaped the Astronaut suit and ran away. Six months later in January 1970, she regenerated. As revealed in "Let's Kill Hitler", Little Girl regenerated into Mels and somehow made her way to Leadworth. Little Girl accidentally regenerated into a toddler so Mels was able to grow up at the same time as Amy and Rory. She became their close friend and all three of them grew up together. So both Madam Kovarian,the silents and Amy/Rory got to raise Melody.