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First Doctor: Polly Wright and Ben Jackson ("The Tenth Planet")

Second Doctor: Assorted unidentified Time Lords ("The War Games"*)

Third Doctor: Sarah Jane Smith, Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart ("Planet of the Spiders")

Fourth Doctor: Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka ("Logopolis")

Fifth Doctor: Peri Brown ("The Caves of Androzani")

Sixth Doctor: Although Melanie Bush was present, she was unconscious. The Rani was the last humanoid to see him before the change. As far as we know the only witness to the change itself was a Tetrap, as the Rani appeared to leave the TARDIS before it happened. ("Time and the Rani")

Seventh Doctor: Pete (surname unknown), a mortuary attendant at Walker General Hospital in San Francisco. ("Doctor Who")

Eighth Doctor: Ohila, one of the Sisterhood of Karn ("The Night of the Doctor")

War Doctor: Eleventh Doctor, Tenth Doctor and Clara Oswald. ("The Day of the Doctor")

Ninth Doctor: Rose Tyler ("The Parting of the Ways")

Tenth Doctor: Ood Sigma. Prior to this, Rose Tyler was the last humanoid to see him before the change. ("The End of Time")

Eleventh Doctor: Clara Oswald. ("The Time of the Doctor")

Technically speaking, the Tenth Doctor stands as the only incarnation to encounter the same humanoid at the start and end of his life (Rose Tyler); "Rose" indicates that the Ninth Doctor had other adventures (and, thus, met other individuals) before meeting Rose for the first time.

  • Taking the comics into account, the last person to see the Second Doctor before his regeneration was a man called 'Glenlock-Hogan'("The Night Walkers" (comic story)).