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The TV Movie "Doctor Who" was meant to be the pilot episode for a revived series of Doctor Who back in 1996. However, this series was not continued, leaving the TV Movie as the only appearance of the Eighth Doctor on TV until "The Night of the Doctor" in 2013. When the series was revived again in 2005, RTD didn't want to use the Eighth Doctor as the desire was to start fresh, and it was felt that one reason the TV movie failed was because much of the film was bogged down with chronicling the Seventh Doctor's regeneration and the post-regenerative issues faced by the new Doctor. However, Paul McGann has gone on to voice the Eighth Doctor in many audio plays since 2001 (including several seasons that aired as official Doctor Who "seasons" on BBC7 radio), and archive footage has been shown of him in some of the new series episodes, such as at the end of "The Eleventh Hour" when the Atraxi was showing all the Doctor's previous faces, and in "The Next Doctor" in a similar context. "The Night of the Doctor," produced for the 50th anniversary, allowed McGann to bring closure to his version of the Doctor, although he continues to record new adventures for Big Finish.