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{{clean up|Answer contains argument}}Why would he? the Doctor had nowhere else to go and the Brigadier and UNIT were pretty much his only friends on Earth.

Only friends on Earth? Please. His companions were friends.

And the Brigadier's actions not only killed the ones responsible, but also innocent civilians... No doubt including children and babies. The Silurians could've helped them find cures to fatal diseases, solved the resource problem with more efficient energy-sources than solar-panels, and defended against such like Daleks. If the Brig had allowed the Silurians to be their allies, they could've made it easy for the humans to stop Davros's Daleks in "The Stolen Earth". Alliances are necessary to survival.

And alliances with non-humans help to make anti-racists.

Who of his companions was left in ~1970s Earth? Other than Ian, Barbara, Dodo, Ben and Polly there's no one. And those 5 all have their own lives to deal with. The Brigadier, Liz Shaw, Benton and UNIT were the Doctor's only friends on Earth. The Brigadier is not a racist. His actions were justified in that the Silurians were simply any other monster, a threat to Earth. The Brigadier had helped fend off invasions from Yeti, Cybermen and Autons. The Silurians were simply just another alien threat. I think you're forgetting that one Silurian WAS successful in releasing a plague that almost wiped out all life on Earth. It's a miracle the Doctor was able to find a cure. Since one Silurian was able to do that, what's to say another Silurian wouldn't have done the same? They were too dangerous to be left alive. You may as well start claiming the Brigadier is rasist for "butchering some Cybermen" in "The Invasion".