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Because Billie Piper had lost weight and forgotten how she played the role.

By the time of "Turn Left", Rose was older and had been living in the parallel world for some time. She was also something of an "authority figure" (look how she was treated by UNIT) and was behaving accordingly.

Billie piper had just been to the dentist; that's why she sounded as if she had a lisp.

  • However she doesn't appear to have the lisp in behind-the-scenes footage.

In terms of her change in look, aside from the fact several years have passed for Rose and she's matured, in real life Billie Piper had undergone grooming and style changes for her role in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, a series she was still filming at the time of her guest appearances, and so there was only so much they could do to "revert" her back to the way she looked in 2005-6. I believe she'd also had a child by then too, which also causes physical appearance changes. Compare to her guest appearance in "The End of Time" which was shot after she'd finished Call Girl, which allowed them to get closer to replicating her look from "Rose"-"Doomsday".