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iELEVENTH DOCTOR: Can I have an apple? It's all I can think about, apples. Maybe I'm having cravings. That's new, never had cravings before." ELEVENTH DOCTOR: That is disgusting what is that?" AMELIA POND: An apple. ELEVENTH DOCTOR: Apples are rubbish I hate Apples AMELIA POND: You said you loved them ELEVENTH DOCTOR No, no, no - I love yoghurt. Yoghurt's my favourite, get me yoghurt" (SPITS IT OUT) ELEVENTH DOCTOR: "I hate yoghurt, it's just stuff with bits in." AMELIA POND: You said it was your favourite.ELEVENTH DOCTOR: New mouth, new rules! It's like eating after cleaning your teeth, everything tastes WRONG!AMELIA POND:What is it? What's wrong with you?ELEVENTH DOCTOR: Wrong with me? It's not my fault, why can't you give me any decent food, you're scottish, fry something. Ahhh, bacon! uhh Bacon (spits it out) Are you trying to poison me?" ELEVENTH DOCTOR Ah, you see? Beans. (SPITS INTO SINK) Beans are evil, bad, bad beans!" ELEVENTH DOCTOR: Bread and butter, now you're talking. (throws it out the door) And stay out! 'AMELIA POND: We've got some carrotsELEVENTH DOCTOR: Carrots!? Are you insane?! Hang on, I know what I need, I need, I need, I need - fishfingers and custard. LOL lmfao

Aparently everything tastes wrong when you've just regenerated. Also, maybe fishfingers and custard is nice. Have you ever tried it? When I was little I liked corned beef and custard, which is very close.

And maybe regenerating Time Lords can have mineral deficiency related cravings, just like some pregnant women (both have to build a new body, after all). The Doctor didn't seem all that worried by the phenomenon, he just said that it never happened to him before.

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